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Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is a 2D arcade where you have to very carefully jump from platform to platform to get as high as you can go. Be careful though, because a wrong step and your fun-filled character might fall into a hole. The characters are so cute that you will now want to lose them.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump’s gameplay is super simple; tapping on the left side of the screen you can jump on the platforms to the left, clicking on the right side you can jump on the platforms to the right. But wait! It’s not so easy, some of the platforms have spikes, other constantly appear and disappear, and others break as soon as you touch them, so you better be careful.

You can find more than 20 different settings along with several characters. Each character is a miimo (a cute and tiny animal) dressed as another animal. So, you can control super adorable panda bears, frogs, sheep, whales, pigs, and a long list of other animals.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is an incredibly cute game with a gameplay that is as easy as it is addicting. Although at the beginning of the game it may seem that jumping from platform to platform is a piece of cake, as you advance through the game you might realize that it isn’t as simple as you might have thought.
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Android 2.3 or greater is required

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